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How To Use Blogging As A Stress Relief

At some point in our lives, there will be a desire to find stress relieving tools. Our lives have become more and more hectic; meaning that sometimes we are overwhelmed by the number of deadlines, opportunities, commitments and experiences we have. Stress is often the result of emotional strain or demanding circumstances that put us off balance. My hectic schedule and busy mind means I come under stress sometimes, but I've learnt that there are so many great stress relievers out there. Stress is something that can be reduced and in some cases totally eradicated. The key is finding something that allows you to offload, relax and express yourself. Blogging fits right in with all of those, blogging is amazing and I absolutely love it. I have always been a huge fan of reading blogs and eventually took the plunge (after some encouragement from a friend) and began to write my own. Anyone and I mean anyone can start writing a blog and there are loads of online publishing platforms you can access to get started. Once you start you won’t want to stop, the stress relieving benefits you get from blogging are fabulous.

Don’t be overwhelmed

The thought of having to create content can be a daunting feeling, don't give into the pressure to create masses upon masses of posts . Blogging is an individual experience and there are no rules as to how often you upload content. There are no strict schedules, just take your time and do it at your own pace. The aim is to use blogging to distress and find your inner calm. Choose something you are passionate about and let your creative side be free. Find a nice comfortable place, switch on your laptop or mobile device and let your mind de-clutter as you type.

Feel free to offload

Blogging has become one of my favourite forms of stress relief for a few reasons. It is literally my online journal where I can share my thoughts, feeling and ideas. I find it therapeutic to just simply offload whatever is on my mind. I will say beware of word vomit and be a little mindful of what you post. Mentioning how much you hate your boss, might not go down to well in the staff room when you return to work on Monday lol. To combat this however, create an offload folder on your desktop, type out exactly how you feel into a document and save it in your folder. That way you offload, relieve stress and still maintain your professionalism.

Blogging is your friend

Some of you might be saying “but I still don’t understand how writing it down in a blog can help?” Blogging is a form of self-expression. It allows you to release any pent up anxiety, frustration and over stimulated creativity into a virtual community where you can impact others. Sometimes it’s not always possible to have a catch up on the phone with a friend and take the lid of all the things you’ve been bottling up. But with blogging it serves as your virtual pal that you can access whenever, wherever and just simply let it out. There’s something really therapeutic about getting things of your chest and letting them go.

Time to reflect

Sharing your thoughts through writing can allow you to focus on what is bothering you. Often you will find your own solutions to sorting the problem out just by identifying the cause. A sense of relief can be achieved through typing and clearing your mind of the racing thoughts that have been buzzing around all day. Take a deep breath and begin to type, remember your blog posts are unique to you, enjoy it and type what you want.

You will overcome
Blogging is not just about releasing your thoughts and emotions. You can use blogging to inspire others to overcome similar situations. As you become more aware of what works for you, you can positively impact others through sharing your tips, ideas and stories. Positively impacting others has that feel good factor which can uplift you and put you back in an upbeat frame of mind.

Be inspired

Writing your own blog is great, but so is reading other people’s blogs. Blogs are like online catalogues of content that you can work your way through. Be free with what you choose to read and enjoy discovering new bloggers and amazing content to enjoy at your leisure. The digital age means you can access blogs on the go via your mobile device which is fantastic. This paperless method means you can connect with loads of content everywhere and anywhere. Don’t forget to use your internet bookmarking tool and save your favourite blogs sites to revisit as often as you wish.
A problem shared is a problem halved

Blogging is like opening yourself up to a new friend who isn't judgemental and just gets you. You can divulge as much or as little as you like on your blog and can choose to do so anonymously if you wish. We are all creative writers and a blog allows you to explore your own elements of expression.

So, guess what? Why don’t you start now? Sign up and start writing, it’s as easy as that. Writing a blog is not like an essay (phew) you can run wild with it. Choose a topic or a few topics your passionate about and blog until your hearts content. Don’t worry about being confined to a niche just have fun and create.

Let me leave you with this, you are the author of your blogging story, and today’s the day you let that story out. Be bold, take that first step and enjoy creating.

Sade Stephens

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