Thursday, 24 March 2016

Evening Glam - How To Spice Up Your Makeup This Bank Holiday Weekend

There's something so empowering about wearing a full face of glam, whether that be the 'pop' of your eyes, the sheen of your cheekbone highlight or a seductive lip colour. It can make you feel like a whole new woman and is actually incredibly easy to achieve with a few steps. I've listed the steps to my evening glam look below.

Step 1  // Pick your base colour 

By this I mean look at a palette, choose the colour that is screaming 'pick me, pick me!' to you and base your look around that, this is your starting ground to sass.

Step 2 // Brows - brows, brows, brows 

I have a full brow routine here on my channel here. Brows are a complete personal preference so go with whatever makes you feel comfortable. I find it so much easier to start with the brows, that way if you make a mistake you can simply wipe it away and forget it ever happened. I start with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in 'chocolate' on the synthetic duo brush from ABH, and then underline the bottom of my brow creating that perfect crisp line and fill in all the sparse areas. Then I'll follow up with a concealer on a lip brush to neaten to edges and make them look oh so 'on fleek' and pat this in with my fingertip.

Step 3 // Eyes

Once brows are done, it's time to move onto the eyes - this way we don't get any shadow fall out under our eyes like a panda - tres' cute? Not. I ALWAYS prime my eyes - not to prime is a crime right? I love the MAC Pro Longwear paintpot in 'painterly'. I'll use this and set in place with a powder applying a piece of tape to the outer corner of my eye from the lower lash line up to the brow bone. I then take a fluffy blending brush, this one from Crown is amazing and my absolute go to - dip it into a matte transition colour (a soft peach/warm brown etc) tap off the excess and get to work in wind-shield wiper motions back and forth. This helps to create that smooth transition for the shadows later on. I can go a bit transition colour crazy some times, adding different tones and shades to really play up the dimension and look. I'll then dampen a flat synthetic brush with some MAC Fix + or my trusty Avon Setting Spray and dip it into my token eyeshadow colour and pack it on, making sure to smooth out those edges afterwards.

Step 4 // Eye Liner

The be all and end all of an eye look, you can go smokey (like I've done above), super sharp or even none at all for a fresher look. I personally love smokey liner, I think it's really seductive and makes your eyes look alluring. For the smokey effect, take a creamy kohl liner and apply as close to the lash line as possible, take a stiff blending brush and get to work - the results are gorgeous.

Step 5 // Mascara & Lashes 

Completely up to your own personal preferences, I love big lashes but I also love my go to Ardell demi wispies as they are so easy to apply and still add that extra 'slay' to your eye look.

Step 6 // Foundation

Don't choose a foundation with SPF/titanium dioxide in for a night out where flash photography is about, or even test your foundations with flash photos beforehand - a white ghost face is not a good look! The chemicals from these formulas create that ghostly appearance unfortunately. Opt for a foundation with no/minimum spf and no titanium dioxide - apply with a damp beauty blender (our review of one is coming soon) or the real techniques miracle complexion sponge in dabbing motions for a flawless finish.

Step 7 // Concealer/Cream Contour AKA Extra Slay 

Here's where the beauty sponges can get addictive and you end up applying 104804203053853 layers of cream products - as long as it looks flawless at the end right? #flawless I start with the cream contour, blend this out then highlight and conceal where I need to - if I'm feeling extra I'll apply a cream highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones too.

Step 8 // Powders 

Depending on your skin type, this is another for personal preference. I use ALOT of different powders, I like the dimension it gives my skin - however; for a dryer skin this probably wouldn't be beneficial. I'll go in with my setting powder - trusty old Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 'peach glow' then Ill start to contour under my cheekbones, top of my forehead, sides of my nose and on that lovely double chin. Next I'll swirl my brush into ABH's banana powder x MAC Emphasize powder sharpening up the contour and brightening underneath my eyes. I'll then finish by adding blush and lots and lots of highlighter - like a lot, you want to gleeeeaaaam.

Step 9 // Lips 

Look at your lipstick collection, what empowers you and would make you feel fierce? Wear that! Whether that be nudes/brown, a stand out red or a deep dark plum - go for it, apply liberally and pout away.

Well, I hope my evening glam routine has you ready for the Bank Holiday weekend! Leave a comment below if you've picked up on any new tips and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel below! 


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