Monday, 28 March 2016

Enhance Your Blog With These Simple Tips

Starting a blog doesn't come easy, it's like entering an unknown realm of HTML code and some serious social media usage! It's hard by all means, and it's taken me about 2 and a half years to even begin to understand how to truly enhance your blog to the best you can, as well as some social media tips and tricks that really make it worth while!

1. Don't try and make your blog like someone else's 
This tip sounds relatively easy, however with blogging there is such thing as a creative blog. There's so many amazing blogs out there, and it's difficult to not feel like someone else's blog is your own vision! I cannot stress the importance of being yourself and sharing your own individual style. Your style is going to come effortlessly, you know what you like, so make sure your blog shadows that! If you love florals and bright colours, then go for it! But if you love simplistic and minimal, then go for that to! There's no boundaries! 

2. Social media is key 
When I first started my blog, I literally didn't use my social media to promote or network my blog what-so-ever. Over the past few years, social media has made a massive impact on my blog. Simply by tweeting when I have a new post up, and involving myself in blogger chats quite regularly, my blog traffic has more than tripled my monthly views - Which is incredible as I never thought social media could be so powerful. However your social media is also a platform that a lot of brands and companies will see, so make sure that you portray yourself professionally! 

3. Quality of blog images 
This once again seems like a really obvious one, but when I started my blog, I used my iPhone to take my blog photos, which at the time I was like "These photos are amazing" but when I look back on them now, I'm literally like "Why did I think that was okay?!" Obviously, It's understandable! You want to start your blog but you don't really have the equipment to do so, most bloggers have been through that! If you don't have a DSLR camera, or your in the process of saving for one, there's a few simple factors you should take into account if your shooting photos with your phone; Make sure your using good, natural lighting as artificial light will make the photos really yellow, Don't use a flash as once again this may brighten the photos however they won't look naturalistic and lastly, edit your photos! Editing photos is so crucial, I use VSCO cam to edit any of my Instagram photos, so that they look like good quality blog photos, I brighten the photos, add a bit of contrast and make the tempter cooler so the backgrounds look whiter and consistent! 

4. Having a blog post schedule! 
When I first started my blog, it was completely inconsistent! I would literally post whenever I felt like doing so, occasionally there would be months where I just didn't blog and then months where I posted everyday! Only in the past year did I put myself on a strict blogging schedule. I find that doing this allowed me to dedicate time in advance to plan and sort out my blog post. I occasionally binge plan and sort out and take photo's for a load of blog posts, so then I have a lot to pop into my schedule. Scheduling your posts is a good way to get recurring visitors, If people like your content and know that you post every Monday, they're likely to go back to it if they know there's a flow of new content on your blog! 

I hope these little tips allow you to truly make the most of your blog, whether you're starting out or not! Also feel free to share any of your tips! 

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