Thursday, 31 March 2016

Breakfast At Arabica Bar & Kitchen


Looking for somewhere to spend your well earned dolla this weekend? Well why not start at Arabica Bar & Kitchen located in food heaven Borough Market. Yes you heard right Borough Market! Arabica Bar & Kitchen have an extensive middle-eastern inspired menu to include Shashuka, Medammas (spicy beans), and other classics such as Sour Dough with house jam and Turkish tea mmm.

We had the pleasure of trying out Arabic for the first time last weekend and opted for; The Arabica fry up, Shashuka, English tea, and two fresh juices. Take a look at the full breakfast menu below;


Now, if you're a lover of tomatoes and onions then this breakfast dish is most certainly for you. Best eaten with the flat breads provided (I devoured this using the flat bread as a method of picking the food up), this dish is bursting with flavour and textures and also makes for the perfect 'brunch'. The smoked red peppers really bring out the taste in the dish alongside the onions, and the braised eggs are a great base for this particular dish. 

Arabica Fry Up 

This fry up was scoffed so quickly I'm pretty sure I didn't get to ask "how does your food taste" until this pan was empty haha. Moreover, if you're a fan of meat... Beef in particular, you'll love the grilled spicy beef sujuk that features in this dish. 

After something more simple and less filling? For breakfast you can try some of Arabica's fresh juices (I'd recommend the apple, lime, ginger and mint juice) or you could opt for the spiced porridge. If you're visiting London or have never been to the area, plan to head down to Borough Market on a Saturday especially if you're a lover of food and like a more lively atmosphere. Borough Market is London's most renowned food market so definitely a place to visit and shop - then of course head on down to Arabica for some breakfast or a light lunch ;) 

The staff are super welcoming, friendly and efficient when delivering food or answering any questions. We'll definitely be back! 

Arabica offers breakfast from 8.30am-11.30am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To book a table visit

Zaineb (Blogging Gals Founder)

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