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8 Free Apps You Need If You're A Blogger

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As a blogger you can understand that time is very precious. There's never enough hours in the day right? You can spend hours a week perfecting your latest post, ensuring it's engaging and your photography is tip-top. I’ll definitely take any opportunity to try and save a little time. One way I try and save those precious minutes is trying to blog on the go, with a little help from my iPhone 6 of course. I've picked up some handy tips along my blogging journey, and wanted to share them with you guys. So, I've created a little handy guide to the 8 Free Apps You Need If You're A Blogger.


Prior planning of posts can save you so much time and so much stress. My best friend for my iPhone 6 has definitely got to be Buffer. This little genius can schedule your social media posts, so people won’t miss that killer post you’ve written. Your followers won’t miss a thing with this bad boy on your side.


Depending on what platform you use, this one will be different for everyone. I use Blogger, so having the Blogger app on my phone makes a huge difference in me keeping to my posting schedule. This handy app allows me to edit, create and schedule my posts on the go. I love using this app when I have some inspiration on the morning commute to work. It might not be the most attractive app, but it gets the job done.


For me editing photos is something I’m not great at. I just tend to tweak the exposure and brightness, potentially up the sharpness and then we’re done. Fotor is a great little app to have; with many functions and filters this app can literally transform your photos. Fotor is my saviour.

PS Express

Another app I love is Photoshop Express. Blogging can run up a hefty bill, without even you realising and for some buying the full Photoshop package is just not a commitment they can make. But hey! PS Express is a free app. FREE. It might not have all the features you can expect from the full package but it certainly has lots of other impressive things about it. 


A blogger staple from the likes of Lily Melrose and other high profiles has to be VSCO cam. This app is great for those who try and stick to an Instagram theme. It comes with an abundance of themes that you can adjust the intensity of. A must have for those filter lovers!

Google Drive

Where would I be without drive? Drive gives you access to extra storage space online. This is crucial for me since I’m constantly running out of space on my iPhone. Drive is easy to use and you can create folders to keep your stuff stored neatly. You can even share your folders with other Drive users.


Struggle to write that killer tweet, promoting your latest blog post that you spent hours slugging over? 140 character is just not enough these days. Well look no further I’ve got the perfect app for you. Bitly is an app that shortens your link lengths giving you more characters to use, as you want. This app has changed my Twitter game fo’ sure.


Love it or hate it, pretty much every blogger uses it. Bloglovin’ is a platform you can share your posts on to for others to follow. This is a great app to get a consistent following from, since you can link your posts to automatically post when you’ve scheduled on your blog. Having the Bloglovin’ app is great because you can follow all your favourite blogs to read in one place.

I hope these were helpful, feel free to tweet me or blogginggals any apps that you think may be perfect for blogging!

Love Soph x

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