Sunday, 6 March 2016

4 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog Look Professional

Blogging is such a personal experience for all. Apparently with a new blog entering the world every half a second, you can see why it’s hard to stand out of the crowd. Each blogger has individual reasons for creating their space on the Internet. For me, I love having a creative outlet, which allows me to connect with others. I find that my blog is the closest representation of me as a person, and naturally I want my blog appearance to be a reflection of that too.

Personally when looking for bloggers to follow, the first thing I look for is a professional, stylish blog. For me, a clean, slick layout can be the difference from an instant Bloglovin’ follow or me just exiting the page.

For many, finding the perfect template is half of the battle, with many bloggers now opting for forking out a £30+ charge for a template. But what if you’re a newbie blogger and not sure if you want to make that commitment yet? Well I’ve got a few tips.

When originally looking for blog templates, I was clueless. I tended to try and look at the attributions on my favourite bloggers websites and see where they got their templates. But still I was having no luck paying anything under £20.  Until, I stumbled on the array of themes on offer on Etsy. There are so many online sellers now on Etsy, and with fees as little as £5, I was in heaven. Some of my favourites sellers have to be Get Polished Creative or Eclair Design. If you’re looking for a sleek design, I recommend you check them out!

A recognisable header makes all the difference when trying to keep up a brand identity for your blog. Some bloggers approach designers to create a personalised header, featuring images that best represent their blog. This is great to try and capture an audience, as a picture can round up what you’re all about. But if you don’t want to pay for someone to create this for you, have a go yourself. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, try Canva. Canva is a free graphic designing website that’s easy to use. It has access to loads of fonts, illustrations and photography, it’s definitely a handy website to have in your toolkit.

Having a blog that is easy to navigate around will attract more people to stay on your blog, lowering your bounce-back rate. I try to utilise the categories feature on Blogger and label my post to fit accordingly. As a lifestyle blogger, I delve into the realms of beauty, travel and food too, so having a place where my followers can click to find the type of posts they enjoy the most, is really important. Linking to social media is also important. If I tend to like a particular blogger, I want to follow them on Twitter and Instagram too. So make sure you put all your links to these platforms and this will encourage more engagement.

Ensure you keep the same layout with posts on your blog. This is all down to personal preference, but I love when the blog photography is aligned with the posts. Keep with a recognisable colour scheme, ensuring you consistently use the same font throughout your blog too. I would also recommend personalising your blog with your own favicon; it’s more attractive and shows you’ve really thought about your branding.

I hope these tips helped some of you; let us know if you have any handy tips too!

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